"That's the way we all became the Baxter Bunch!"

3 months!!!

Yesterday was Carson’s three month “birthday!” He didn’t have a check up at the doctor this month, so we did some at home measurements. They probably aren’t 100% accurate, but close enough!!!

Here are his current measurements:

Weight: 13 lbs 6.4 oz (25th-50th percentile according to a percentage calculator I found)…he was 11 lbs 8 oz at his two month check up. He has still only eaten breast milk! Our little man has doubled his birth weight! Way to go Carson!!!

Length: 23.5 inches (10th-25th percentile)…still not the longest baby but 4.5 inches longer than when he was born (and he was 22.3 in last check up).

Head size: not sure how to measure his head, so we’ll have to wait until his 4 month appointment in November to know about his head growth!

Carson’s big milestones this month have been sleeping through the night (hooray! and it’s been pretty consistent), getting very good at tummy time, holding toys and being very social. He also met my dad, went on his first road trip and started daycare. It was a very big month for our little guy!!! Being his mama has been the greatest adventure of my life. Reading him books and playing and cuddling with Carson are my favorite things to do. I think this is my favorite age so far. Although it makes me sad that I no longer have a newborn, watching him react to things and play with toys is so fun. I have never been happier…I love our little family so so much!!!!