"That's the way we all became the Baxter Bunch!"

Here are some better shots of the nursery taken on Ryan’s good camera :) Can’t wait to show little Carson his room…hopefully VERY soon!!!!

The Nursery!

The nursery is pretty much done!!! (sorry for the terrible iPhone pictures!)

We LOVE it and can’t wait for Carson to see it. It was lots of fun making it for him and imagining him in it. It took lots of time, antique shopping, etsy shopping and stealing borrowing ideas from pinterest…but it turned out better than we imagined. We could not have done it without lots of help from lots of people :) So here’s a long list of thank yous!!!!

First my amazing husband who painted the room, built all the furniture, spray painted lots of decorations and put up with my endless obsessing over what it was going to look like!!! He also picked out art for the room and braved Ikea on a Saturday (if you’ve ever been to Ikea on a Saturday, you know how fun that was…) :)

My dad and brother hung everything on the walls…a job that scared me and I was so glad they were happy to do! They did an amazing job! My mom and dad also got us the crib and bedding- thank you!!! Ryan’s dad helped hang the curtains :) Thanks Grandpa Bear!!! Ryan’s mom has filled Carson’s closet…once I get that organized I will post pictures!!! We LOVE all the cute clothes she has found!!! She also found a great whale book holder and whale wall hooks/art! My talented friend/coworker Allison took our maternity pictures which decorate the room. I will post more of the great pictures she took soon :) My other talented friend/coworker Pat helped me re-cover the rocker (that I got off craigs list) and make a changing pad cover! She is so crafty and such a great seamstress (she also helped me make the table rounds for our wedding). Thank you sooooo much Pat!!! My sister-in-law Krissy and my mom helped organize all the wonderful things we received at my shower (which will soon get a post with lots of pictures!). If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be able to see the floor ;) And a big thanks goes to my mom. She is amazing and made so many cute things for Carson and the nursery. I could name all the cute stuff she made, but it would take forever… I am trying to convince her to open an etsy shop ;) My favorite thing she made is the stuffed robot…isn’t it adorable!?!

And Stella has only eaten one baby toy…and has yet to destroy anything in the room :)

We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love! Carson is a lucky baby!!!

We have a crib!!! :) 

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Pierce!

Ryan building the crib!!! 

Ryan building the crib!!! 

The Whale Nursery!

As soon as we found out we were having a baby, I began dreaming about what I wanted the nursery to look like. Well…I actually started a baby/nursery pin-board on Pinterest as soon as we got married, but as soon as we knew we were for sure pregnant, that’s when the real dreaming began! It was between robots and whales for a boy’s nursery, but my slight obsession with whales ultimately won!

 I have loved whales ever since the summer of 2009 when I went on a trip with my parents to the North East and, while in Bar Harbor, Maine, we went on a whale watching expedition. Seeing those huge whales in the wild is one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced! For one of our first dates I convinced Ryan to take me to see the Disney Oceans movie and sit through hours of me squealing every time there was a whale…we were the only ones in the theatre, so he wasn’t too embarrassed! Someday I hope to see whales on the west coast with Ryan and Carson (in Alaska or the Baja Peninsula!!!). Since that may be quite a few years away, for now I’ll settle on surrounding Carson with whales as he plays and sleeps!

Ryan painted the nursery a light teal color back in December before we knew if we were having a he or she (what a good husband/daddy!) so the palette was already set.  We then found the perfect whale bedding online (thanks mom and dad!). We found the perfect antique dresser to use as a changing table and are anxiously awaiting our crib to be delivered. My talented and crafty co-worker Pat is going to help me sew some things and I’ve been scouring etsy.com and Hobby Lobby for the perfect accessories. I even found a big ship wheel and a large antique letter “C” to hang on the wall. I can’t wait to add all of the little details and make it special for Carson! And, of course, I am eager to get a bookshelf to fill with baby and children books. I hope Carson loves to read as much as I do!

Stay tuned for lots of pictures as we transform what was formally the stinky cat room/guest room into what the room was always meant to be- Carson’s nursery!